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Udita Goswami Kisse Pyaar Karoon dialogues
1. Aapse bada kaun hoga dil ka docto, bina cheede phaade paidal hi ghus gaye dil ke andhar There can be no bigger heart doctor than yo, because you have entered my heart without any cuts or tears Poetic, Romance
Arshad Warsi Kisse Pyaar Karoon dialogues
1. Senior citizen ki izzat hoti ha, par senior student ki koi izzat hi nahi Senior citizen gets respec, but senior student gets no respect Comedy 2. Aap hamare dil ke Taj Mahal mein aa sakte ha, aur uske kisi bhi kone mein khade rehke tasveer khicha sakte hai You can come inside the Taj Mahal of my hear, and you can stand in any corner of that and take a picture Poetic, Places, Comedy 3. Insaan ko kandhe ki zaroorat sirf do baar padti ha, ek marne ke baad aur ek marne se pehle A person needs a shoulder only at two time, once after he dies and other just before he dies Drama

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