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Tabu Khuda Kasam dialogues
1. Neetu Singh jab koi mission par nikalti hai toh kafan apne saath lekar chalti ha, ya toh dushman ko pehna deti ha, ya khud pehenkar desh par shaheed ho jaati hai When Neetu Singh leaves on any mission she takes a shroud with he, which she puts it on the enem, or else she puts it on herself and becomes a martyr for the country Patriotism, Enemy, Action
Sunny Deol Khuda Kasam dialogues
1. Mera muhafiz hai khud, toh phir hai kaun Jomujhko utha sak, teri kya aukaad ha, Jojahaan se mujhe mitta sake God is my guardia, so no one can kill m, you don't have the statu, to eradicate me from this world Poetic, Action 2. Main apne haath do hi waqt uthata hoo, dua ke liy, Jomera imaan ha, aur zulm ke khilaaf ladne ke liy, Jomera ishq hai I raise my hands only at two time, once to pra, which is my fait, and other to fight against injustic, which is my love Inspiration, Drama 3. Jab main dushman ke saath haath milata hoo, toh uske haath ki jeevan rekhayein mitt jaati hai When I shake hands with my enem, it erases his lifeline from his hands Enemy 4. Hussain ka ek ghoons, aur teri khopdi ke bawees tukde One punch from Hussie, and your brain will be in 22 pieces Action 5. Har insaan pehle Hindustani ha, phir baad mein Musalman ya Hindu Every person is an Indian firs, then Muslim or Hindu Patriotism

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