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Rekha Khubsoorat dialogues
1. Haath ki rekhayein kabhi jhooth nahi bolti The lines on the palm never lie Cheating 2. Appointments can wait but death will not Appointments can wait but death will not Death, Drama
Dina Pathak Khubsoorat dialogues
1. Koi bhi azaadi bina apne niyamon ke poori nahin hot, aur issi ko discipline kehte hai No independence is complete without its rule, and this is called as discipline Drama
Anonymous Khubsoorat dialogues
1. Jab miya bibi raaz, toh kya karengi maaji, When the husband and wife are agreein, then what will the mother-in-law do, Married, Comedy 2. Jab pyar milta hai n, toh koi bhi bandhan bura nahi lagta When you get lov, then no bond feels bad Romance, Drama

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