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Tiku Talsania Jawani Diwani dialogues
1. Purane Joho jaate hai bhav woh khaate ha, is liye aksar hum naye ko aazmate hai Those who become old they have an attitud, that's why I often try new people Poetic, Comedy
Shehzad Khan Jawani Diwani dialogues
1. Jinhe woh aazmate ha, star woh ban jaate ha, dilon mein zamaane k, aag woh lagate hai Whoever he trie, they become star, and they burn the fire of the generation in the hearts of the people Poetic, Drama
Mahesh Manjrekar Jawani Diwani dialogues
1. Tere har question ka agar dunga jawaa, toh samajh le teri zindagi ho jayegi kharab If I answer all your question, then understand that your life will become a waste Poetic, Life, Comedy 2. No i, no bu, keep your mouth shut! No i, no bu, keep your mouth shut! Comedy 3. Idhar bhi barbaad, udhar bhi barbaad, arre bedardi tu karle is se shaadi There is destruction her, there is destruction ther, have some sympathy and marry her Poetic, Wedding, Comedy 4. Teri zindagi mein latke hue the itne angoo, aur Roma tu pakad ke lai yeh langoor Roma you had so many grapes hanging in your lif, and you've caught this monkey Poetic, Food, Comedy 5. Kabu rakh apni jawani p, full stop lag gaya kahani pe Control your yout, since there is a full stop on the story Comedy
Emraan Hashmi Jawani Diwani dialogues
1. Mil gaya mauk, maar de chauka You've got a chanc, make the most out of it Comedy, Sports
Celina Jaitly Jawani Diwani dialogues
1. Har khoobsurati taarif ke liye nahi hoti Every beauty is not made for appreciation Romance 2. Ehsaas badal jaane se taqdeer badal nahi jaati Destiny doesn't change when emotions change Destiny, Luck, Drama

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