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Shahid Kapoor Jab We Met dialogues
1. Tumhe uthakar museum mein rakhna chahiy, ticket lagni chahiye tumhe dekhne ke liye You should be picked up and kept in the museu, a ticket should be charged to see you Comedy 2. Tum hamesha aaise hi bakwaas karti ho ya aaj koi special occasion hai, Do you always talk nonsense like this or is it some special occasion today, Comedy 3. Tu original piece hai You are an original piece Comedy
Kareena Kapoor Jab We Met dialogues
1. Main apni favorite hoon I am my own favorite Comedy 2. Jab koi pyar mein hota ha, toh koi sahi galat nahin hota When someone is in lov, then there is no right wrong Romance 3. Sikhni hoon mai, Bhatinda ki! I am Sikh gir, from Bhatinda! Women 4. Ab toh mera haath chod d, itni bhi sundar nahin hoon main Atleast leave my hand no, I am not that beautiful Romance 5. Bachpan se hi na, mujhe shaadi karne kaa bahut craze ha, by god Since childhoo, I have been crazy about getting marrie, swear on god Wedding 6. Funda zyada ho gaya na, To much of fundamentals right, Comedy 7. Aaj tak life mein ek train nahin chuti meri To date I have never missed a train in life Life, Transportation
Anonymous Jab We Met dialogues
1. Akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ke jaisi hoti hai A girl alone is like an open vault Women, Comedy

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