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Raj Babbar Itihaas dialogues
1. Zameen ussiki hoti hai jinke hal chalte ha, unki nahi Jounpar hal chalate hai The land belongs to the person who owns the plo, not the person who plows the field Drama 2. Shor lehron ki aadat hoti hai aur khamoshi chattanon ki taqa, lehren awaaz toh bahut karti ha, magar chattanon se takrakar toot jaati hai Sound is a habit of the waves and silence is the strength of mountain, waves do make a lot of soun, but they break apart when they collide with the mountains Inspiration, Drama
Amrish Puri Itihaas dialogues
1. Insaan kitni bhi jaldi kar, pahunchta tabhi hai jab usse pahunchna hota ha, aur pahunchta wahi hai jahan usse pahunchna hota hai No matter how much a person rushe, he reaches only when he is suppose to reac, and reaches the place where is he is suppose to reach Drama
Ajay Devgan Itihaas dialogues
1. Jiske paas mohabbat ha, usse na jaan ka darr ha, na jahan ka Those who have lov, are not scared of lif, or the world Romance, Life 2. Jism ki numaish paschim ki ada ha, sharm Hindustan ka gehna To reveal the body is the style of the wes, shyness is the jewel of India Drama

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