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Sadashiv Amrapurkar Ishq dialogues
1. Jab baazi dukki aur tikki se jeeti ja sakti ha, toh uske liye ekka nikalne ki kya zaroorat hai When you can win the game with 2's and 3', then why do you need to remove the ace for that Gambling, Sports, Drama 2. Aaisi maut maaro ink, ki ishq karne waalo ki rooh tak kaanp jaaye Kill them in such a wa, that even the soul of the people in love will shudder Action 3. Tumne samundar ko lalkaara ha, ab aaisa toofan aayeg, aaisa sailaab utheg, ki tumhara ish, jispar tumhe bahut naaz ha, tinke ki tarah beh jayeg, tabah ho jayeg, fanaa ho jayega You have challenged the ocea, now such a storm will com, such a flood will com, that your lov, which you are proud o, will flow away like a small particle and it will be wrecke, it will be destroyed Drama, Weather 4. Mera beta sharafat ki missile hai missile My son is a missile of honesty Truth, Social, Comedy
Kajol Ishq dialogues
1. Agar tum mein mazaak sehne ki himmat nahi ha, toh mazaak kiya bhi mat karo If you don't have the courage to stand a jok, then don't be jovial yourself Courage, Drama
Johnny Lever Ishq dialogues
1. Upar waale tera khel niral, kutte ki dumm ko seedha kar daala Oh God your game is strang, you've straightened a dogs crooked tail Poetic, Animals, Comedy 2. Yeh aap par itne phool barsaing, itne phool barsaing, ki aap bloody fool ho jayenge They will shower so many flowers on you... that you will become a bloody fool Plants, Comedy
Ajay Devgan Ishq dialogues
1. Toofan mein bahaa hai na yeh sholon mein jala ha, ghayal hua teeron se na khanjar se kata ha, kehte hai jisse ishq qayamat ha, bala ha, takraya Jobhi isse woh duniya se mitta hai Neither has it flown away in the storm nor has it burnt in the ember, neither has it been wounded with arrows nor has been cut with a knif, that is love and it is also a catastroph, because anyone who fights with i, gets eradicated from the world Poetic, Poem, Romance 2. Ab toh is zindagi mein wohi aayeg, yah phir is aashiq ki jaan jayegi Now only she can come in my lif, or else this lover will die Romance, Life 3. Yeh phool nahi mere dil ka lahu ha, aur Daddy yeh dushman nah, tumhari hone waali bahu hai This is the blood of my hear, not a flowe, and Dad she is your daughter-in-law to b, not your enemy Poetic, Comedy, Family
Aamir Khan Ishq dialogues
1. Life mein teen cheezon ke peeche khabi nahi bhagna chahiy, bu, train aur chokr, ek gayi doosri aati hai In life you should never run behind 3 thing, bu, train and gir, one goes another one comes Life, Transportation, Women 2. Yeh kaunsa tha jaam Jotune pila diy, is sirphere ka sara system hila diya What drink did you give m, it shook the whole system of this mad person Poetic, Romance, Comedy 3. Aap hai gul-e-gulza, mausam-e-baha, chehre par hai guss, dil mein hai pya, aa gale lag ja mere yaar You are a beautiful flower of the sprin, you have anger on your face and love in your hear, come give me a hug my friend Poetic, Plants, Romance 4. Abhe oh ujhdi hui riyasat ke lutte huye sultan Hey you broken ruler of a ruined kingdom Royal, Comedy 5. Royega toh t, jab khelenge hum hu tu t, aur thukenge tere mooh par thu thu thu You will cry when we play Kabadd, and we will spit on your face Poetic, Sports, Comedy
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