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Vinod Khanna Hulchul dialogues
1. Main jis peshe mein hoon n, wahan mere sirf dushman ha, dost koi bhi nahi The business that I am i, I have only enemies ther, no friends Business, Enemy, Friendship 2. Aaj tak aaisa koi amir pehda nahi hu, Jokanoon ka maalik ban sake Till date there has not been a rich person bor, woh can become the boss of the law Law, Justice, Drama
Ranjeet Hulchul dialogues
1. Is shehar mein sikka sarkar ka zaroor chalta ha, magar raj apna hai The government surely runs this cit, but I rule it Government, Places
Kader Khan Hulchul dialogues
1. Main crorepat, tu arabpat, baki sab chai ki pati I am ric, you are super ric, and all others are tea leaves Food, Comedy 2. Baarish ki chand boondein padhi to, machi is tarah dhoo, sabi jawan di, sabi haseen dil gaye nashe mein jhoom When a few drops of the rain fel, then there was such great fu, every young perso, every beautiful person went crazy with enjoyment Poetic, Weather, Comedy
Amrish Puri Hulchul dialogues
1. Hamare haath wahan tak pahunchte ha, jahan aaj tak science bhi nahi pahunch pai My hands can reach those place, where not even science has reached till date Technical, Comedy 2. Badla jitna itminan se liya jaay, utna hi uska mazaa badh jaata hai The slower you take the reveng, that much more fun it becomes Revenge, Drama
Ajay Devgan Hulchul dialogues
1. Main sirf ek zubaan samajhta hoo, Hindustani I understand only one languag, Hindi Patriotism 2. Agar koi mujhse pooche ki is duniya mein mera sabse bada dushman kaun ha, toh main kahoonga t, sabse zyada nafrat main kisse karta hoo, toh main kahoonga tujhse If someone asks me that in this world who is your biggest enem, then I will say yo, whom do I hate the mos, then I will say you Enemy, Drama 3. Lohe se jab sheesha takrata hai to, uske itne tukde ho jaate hain ki ghinna mushkil ho jata hai When a glass hits against iron the, it shatters into so many pieces that it becomes hard to count Drama 4. Der se mila hua insaaf khud ek na-insaafi hai Justice that is received late is injustice in itself Drama

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