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Sunny Deol Heroes dialogues
1. Jitne bhi phirangion ko tu jaanta hai n, sabko bulal, aur hai sabko kehna ki ek saath aay, ek ek karke aaoge na toh pitt jaoge How many ever foreigners you kno, call them al, and yes tell them all to come togethe, if they come one by one then they will be trashed Action
Salman Khan Heroes dialogues
1. Tere vaaste ek lakh jawaniya, par yeh jawani desh ke liye For you I have one hundred thousand live, but this life is for the country Patriotism, Life, Drama 2. Maa achchi ha, apna khayal rakhti ha, aur main desh ka khayal rakhta hoon Mom is goo, she takes care of hersel, and I take care of the country Patriotism, Parents
Preity Zinta Heroes dialogues
1. Aane waale kal ke liye umeedein karne se vadiya ha, aasi aaj nu behtar banaye Better than hoping for tomorro, is to make your today better Inspiration
Anonymous Heroes dialogues
1. Bhagw, safe, hara jeevan chakra mer, kar, saty, dharti maa inhi mein main pal, Bharatiya main jan, Bharatiya hi chal, Bharatiya main jeeyo, sada Bharatiya rahoo, bhagw, safe, hara jeevan chakra mera My lifecycle is saffro, whit, green in colo, I have been nourished with dut, truth and my lan, I was born India, I have lived as an India, I will live as an India, and I will remain an Indian foreve, my lifecycle is saffro, whit, green in color Poem, Patriotism 2. Hum sirf apne baare mein soochte ha, lekin ek fauji poore desh ke baare mein soochta hai We only think about ourselve, but a soldier thinks about the whole country Patriotism 3. Hamare yahan jawaan marte nahi ha, ya toh vijayi lautte ha, ya amar On our side soldiers don't di, they either return victoriou, or immortal Patriotism, Win, Strong will, Success, Drama
Amrita Arora Heroes dialogues
1. Kabhi kabhi ek chota sa kadam zindagi bhar ki ek raah ban jaata hai Sometimes a small step turns into a path for life Inspiration, Life

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