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Saira Banu Hera Pheri Old dialogues
1. Qatta kijiye na taluk hums, kuch nahi hai toh adawat hi sahi I can stay for life with my worst enem, but I can't stay for a moment with a moron Life, Enemy, Drama 2. Mohabbat mein sawaal nahi kiye jaate You shouldn't ask questions in love Romance 3. Hum toh chamatkar ko namaskar karte hai I salute to magic Comedy 4. Kuch cheezein aaisi hoti ha, jinhe jitna door hata, utna hi kareeb aati hai There are a few things tha, the more you push them awa, they come that much closer Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Hera Pheri Old dialogues
1. Ek din mein main ek hi daav lagata hoon In one day I only gamble once Gambling 2. Jeet toh uss hi ki hoti ha, Joaakhri baazi jeete One who wins the last challeng, wins the game Win, Strong will, Success, Sports 3. Yeh sher ki maa ha, maine bakri ka nah, sherni ka dhood piya hai She is a mother of a tige, and I have drunk the milk from a tigress and not a goat Animals, Food 4. Choron ke yahan chor, chori nahi kehlat, hera pheri kehlati hai Robbery at a robbers hous, isn't called robber, it's called monkey business Crime, Crime 5. Jiska koi dost nahi hot, uska koi dushman bhi nahi hota One who doesn't have any friend, also doesn't have any enemies Friendship, Enemy, Drama 6. Agar aaj shaam tak woh ghar wapas nahi laut, toh main dimaag ki jagah apne haathon ka istamal karoong, Joki main yakeen se keh sakta hoo, utne hi tezz aur mazboot hai jitna ki mera dimaag If he doesn't return home by today evenin, then instead of my mind I will use my hand, and I can say this with guarantee tha, they are as sharp and strong as my mind is Action, Drama 7. Manzil tak pahunchne ke liye hosh nah, josh ki zaroorat hoti hai To get to your destination you don't need your sense, you need passion Inspiration 8. Hu, hum ha, tum nahi I a, what I a, and I am not you Comedy 9. Kitna bhi bhaag, apni maut se nahi bhaag sakt, aur tumhari maut mere haathon likhi hai No matter how much you ru, you can't run from your deat, and your death is written in my hands Death, Action 10. Husn ke daamo mein hu, dost ko nahi bechne waale For the price of a beautiful bod, I am not going to sell my friendship Friendship, Drama 11. Saanp ki aulad ko kitna bhi dhood pila, aasteen ka saanp hi rehta hai No matter how much milk you feed to a snakele, he always stays under the arm Animals, Food, Drama
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