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Yashpal Sharma Gunaah dialogues
1. Dushman jab sachcha aur imaandar h, toh savdhani aur zyada baratni padti hai When the enemy is true and hones, then one must be extra careful Enemy, Truth, Social, Drama 2. Aankh ke badle aank, haath ke badle haath aur dokhe ke badle murda An eye for an ey, a hand for a hand and a dead body for a betrayal Revenge, Action
Irrfan Khan Gunaah dialogues
1. Kaam khatam hone ke pehle jashn nahi manat, nazar lag jati hai One must not celebrate before the work is complet, it spells bad luck Drama 2. Log ikke se jeette ha, hum tujhe rani se jeetke dikhayenge People win with an ac, I'll show you how I win with a queen Gambling, Win, Strong will, Success 3. Ab yeh case aayega mere unde, aur main karoonga iska encounter Now this case will come under m, and I will do his encounter Action
Dino Morea Gunaah dialogues
1. Jojisse pyar karta ha, agar uske dil mein zara si bhi jagah pa l, toh marke bhi nahi marta When you love someon, and if you find even a small place in their hear, then you won't die even after dying Romance
Bipasha Basu Gunaah dialogues
1. Duniya mein koi bhi gunaah itna bada nahi hota ki shama ke layak na h, aur na hi koi gunaah itna chota ha, ki usse nazarandaz kiya jaye No crime in this world is so big that it cannot be forgive, and neither is any crime so small that it can be ignored Crime, Drama 2. Himmat bandook uthake trigger dabane ke liye nah, himmat bandook phekne ke liye chahiye Courage is not needed to lift the gun and press the trigge, courage is needed to throw away the gun Courage, Action
Ashutosh Rana Gunaah dialogues
1. Ishq par zor nahin ha, hai yeh woh aatish Ghali, Jolagaye na lag, aur bujhaye na bujhe Love can't be tame, it's like a fire that overpowers everything els, at times it doesn't start even after many trie, but once it start, it's very hard to extinguish Romance, Poetic 2. Aadmi apna dukh toh phir bhi bardaasht kar leta ha, lekin apne dushman ka suk, hum mein choor choor kar deta hai We can tolerate our own sorro, but the happiness of our enem, breaks us apart Enemy, Happiness, Sad 3. Police ki vardi har koi pehen sakta ha, lekin har koi police waala nahi hota Anyone can wear a police unifor, but not everyone is a policeman Police

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