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Tinnu Anand Ghatak dialogues
1. Ab saare neta log hawaale ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khaayenge. Now all the politicians will be imprisioned in relation to Hawaala (Money Laundering). Social, Justice, Law 2. Ab saare neta log hawala ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khayenge Now all politicians will be imprisoned because of money laundering Politics, Money, Comedy
Sunny Deol Ghatak dialogues
1. Pinjre mein aakar sher bhi kutta ban jaata hai Even a tiger becomes a dog when kept inside a cage. Animals, Action 2. Mard ban ne ka itna shauk hai toh kutton ka sahara lena chhod de If you want to be a ma? then renounce taking support of dogs. Animals, Action 3. Daraa kar logon ko wo jeeta hai jiski haddiyon me paani bhara hota hai Only those persons who have filled water in their bone? lives by terrifying others. Action 4. Ye mazdur ka haath hai Katya.. Loha pighlakar uska aakar badal deta hai This is the hand of a laboure? Katy? it changes the shape of iron by melting it. Action, Damdaar 5. Qanoon aur insaaf taaqatwar ke ghar gulam banke baithe hain. Law and justice resides as slaves in the house of powerful ones. Action, Law, Justice, Social 6. Jo gurda rakhta hai usey hi jeene ka hakk hai Only that person who have courage has the right to live. Action, Social, Damdaar 7. Policewala bina saboot ke kuch maanta nahin. A policeman does not consider anything without any evidence. Social, Law 8. Kab huaa? Kaise hua? Kisne maara? Panchnaama karna hai.. Case banaana hai.. Kyun inspector? Na jaane kitne hi begunaahon ke khoon ke dhabbe pade pade sookh gaye sadkon par jinka kabhi case nahi bana.. Aur jinka case bana un filon par se kabhi dhool uthi hi nahi. When happened? How it happened? Who killed? We have to file case. Isn't it inspector? The blood marks of numerous innocents dried up lying on the road whose FIR was not even lodged. And the dust never cleared from the file whose cases were registered. Social, Justice 9. Pinjare mein aakar sher bhi kutta ban jaata hai Inside a cage even a tiger becomes a dog Animals 10. Mard banne ka itna shauk ha, toh kutto ka sahara lena chhod de If you so want to be a ma, then stop taking support from dogs Men, Animals, Action 11. Darakar logon ko woh jeeta ha, jiski haddiyon mein pani bhara hota hai One who lives by scaring peopl, has water filled in his bones Drama 12. Yeh mazdoor ka haath ha, loha piglakar uska aakar badal deta hai This is a hand of a labore, it melts iron and changes its shape Action 13. Kanoon aur insaaf taqatwar ke ghar ghulam bankar behte hai Law and justice are sitting as slaves in the house of the powerful people Law, Justice, House, Drama
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