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Sudhir Gambler dialogues
1. Rangeen zamana hai mausam suhana ha, chhodo bhi ab yeh shara, nazarein Jokarti hai nazaron se baatei, chal woh karen baat hum The era is colorful and the weather is beautifu, now don't be sh, let's have a conversation just like the eyes communicate with the eyes Poetic, Romance, Weather
Sapru Gambler dialogues
1. Aadmi ki khoobsurati uske kaam se pehchaani jaati ha, uski shakal se nahi The beauty of a person is known by his wor, not by his face Job, Drama
Jeevan Gambler dialogues
1. Zindagi mein kuch ehsaan aise bhi hote ha, jinki keemat asal se zyada sood mein chukana padti hai Some favors in life are such tha, for which you have to pay more in interest than the principal itself Life, Drama
Dev Anand Gambler dialogues
1. Jua khelna hi ek pagalpan ha, aur asli jua khelne waala khiladi hota hai Gambling is a crazy thin, and the person who plays the real gamble is a player Gambling 2. Jab aurat ka dil tootta ha, toh woh apni sari zindagi un tukdon ko baantene mein kharch kar deti ha, aur jab mard ka dil tootta ha, toh woh apni sari zindagi un tukdon ko sametne mein When the heart of a woman break, then she spends her entire life distributing those broken piece, and when the heart of a man break, then he spends his entire life collecting those broken pieces Women, Men, Romance 3. Lucky in gambling and unlucky in love Lucky in gambling and unlucky in love Gambling, Romance
Anonymous Gambler dialogues
1. Jeene na degi aankhen teri dilruba mujh, in khidkiyon se jhaank rahi hai kazaa mujhe Your eyes won't let me liv, they are staring me from these windows Romance, Poetic 2. Cha gaya humpe nasha jalwa dekhkar Joter, woh gaya woh gaya woh gay, hai dil mera Seeing your talent I am intoxicate, there goes my heart away Poetic, Romance 3. Jhoomte masti kesu tere lache lach, in adaaon pe teri mar gaye achche achche Your sof, fun and flowing hai, has killed the best of the best men Poetic, Romance

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