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Shreeram Lagoo Do Aur Do Paanch dialogues
1. Paise mein badi taqat hoti ha, jinke paas paisa nahi hai n, unse toh unke apne bhi nazar pher lete ha, aur jinke paas paisa ha, unke gair tak apne ho jaate hai Money has a lot of powe, those who don't have mone, they lose their near and dear one, and those who have mone, even strangers become their near and dear ones Money, Drama
Shashi Kapoor Do Aur Do Paanch dialogues
1. Sangeet woh daulat hai jisse duniya ka koi chor chura nahi sakt, koi daaku loot nahi sakt, sangeet woh jadoo hai jiske samne duniya ka har jadoo beqaboo ho jaata hai Music is that wealth which cannot be stolen by any thief of this worl, cannot be looted by any dacoi, music is that magic in front of which every magic of the world becomes uncontrollable Music, Crime
Kader Khan Do Aur Do Paanch dialogues
1. Bachche bado ko bhool jaaye par bade bachchon ko nahi bhoolte Kids can forget the elders but the elders never forget the kids Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Do Aur Do Paanch dialogues
1. Iss duniya ki gaadi baimaani aur rishwat ke paiyon par chal rahi hai The car of this world is running on the wheels of dishonesty and bribe Drama, Transportation

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