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Shahid Kapoor Dil Bole Hadippa dialogues
1. Cricket mein player nah, uska bat bolta hai In cricket the player doesn't tal, his bat does Sports 2. Don't todho my di, please aake tu mi, I promise we will just chill Don't break my hear, please come and meet m, I promise we will just chill Poetic, Romance 3. Meri dictionary mein sirf teen cheezen world class ha, Bradman ki battin, Beatles ka music and mom ki cooking In my dictionary there are only three things that are world clas, the batting of Bradma, the music of Beatles and the cooking of my mom Sports, Music, Parents
Rani Mukherjee Dil Bole Hadippa dialogues
1. Mera sapna hai toh main hoo, nahi toh main kuch bhi nahi hoon If my dream is there then I am ther, otherwise I am nothing Dreams 2. Jinne vade lo, unne chote kapde The bigger the people ar, the smaller their clothing is Clothes, Comedy 3. , India, from the Punjab I am an India, from Punjab Comedy 4. Sachin paaji ki kasa, che gendhoon mein che chakke maroonga I swear on Sachi, in 6 balls I will hit 6 sixes Sports 5. Thandi thandi rabdi vich garma garam Jalebi pa, te phir kha, toh phir wow Adding hot Jalebi to cold sweet condensed mil, and then eating i, is like wow Poetic, Food, Comedy
Dalip Tahil Dil Bole Hadippa dialogues
1. Yeh dono mulk Hindustan aur Pakistan ek hi maa ke bete ha, bas karvat badal ke lete hai Both these countries India and Pakistan are sons of a single mothe, it's just that they are lying down facing against each other Patriotism, Drama

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