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Pran Des Pardes dialogues
1. Purani sharaab ki tara, purani dosti ka bhi ajeeb nasha hai Just like old win, even old friendship has strange intoxication Friendship, Food
Dev Anand Des Pardes dialogues
1. Sachchai ki ladai mein marne waala hamesha zinda rehta hai A person who dies in the fight for trut, always remains alive Truth, Social, Drama 2. Bekarari hadh se badh jaye usse sada kehte ha, aur vaada karke derr se aane ko ada kehte hai When excitement rises above the limit it is called foreve, and making a promise and coming late is called style Poetic, Comedy 3. Aao ji aao ji aaj sadk, yaaro ke yaar aaye ha, pilao ji pilao inhe aaj jee bhar k, saat samundar paar aaye hai Come over everyon, my dear friend has arrive, make him drink as much as he ca, since he has from overseas Poetic, Food, Comedy

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