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Sanjay Dutt Deewaar New dialogues
1. Waqt ne tumhe hamesha dhokha diya ha, lekin is baar woh tumhare saath chalega Time has always betrayed yo, but this time it will be with you Time
Amitabh Bachchan Deewaar New dialogues
1. Tum mera jism todh sakte h, meri himmat nahin todh sakt, mera yakeen nahin todh sakte You can break my bod, but you cannot break my courag, you cannot break my trust Courage, Drama 2. Agar hum mein himmat ha, agar hum mein hausla ha, toh dushman hamara kuch nahi bhigaad sakt, jism toott, lekin hausla na tootte If you have the courag, if you have the moral, then the enemy can't do anything to yo, the body may brea, but don't let your morale break Courage, Enemy, Inspiration

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