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Salman Khan Dabangg 2 dialogues
1. Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara, Won't you welcome me, Comedy 2. Waqt tumhara kharab aaya hai aur din hum gine Your bad time has come and I should count the days Time 3. Utna hi maar, jitna ki khud bardaash kar sako Only hit me to the limi, that you can bear yourself Action 4. Sudhar ja, varna agar hum sudhaarne par utar aay, toh bahut nuksaan ho jayega Change yoursel, or else if I have to bring the change in yo, then there will be a lot of damage Action 5. Akal ke aane ke liye shakal ke bighadneka kyun intezaar kar rahe the tum, To become smar, why were you waiting until your face was damaged, Comedy
Prakash Raj Dabangg 2 dialogues
1. Bada khiladi hai na t, toh khel bhi bada hi hoga tere saath You are a big player righ, then the game with you will also be a big one Drama
Anonymous Dabangg 2 dialogues
1. Yahan gawah bhi hum ha, vakil bhi hum hai aur judge bhi hum hai Here I am the witnes, I am the lawyer and I am the judge Law, Justice

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