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Rishi Kapoor Besharam dialogues
1. Chal jaldi se jhappi maar jawani waali Come o, quickly give me a young hug Comedy 2. Pyazz ki kheti kar rakhi hai mooh mein You are growing onions in your mouth Food, Comedy
Ranbir Kapoor Besharam dialogues
1. Mere seene mein dil nahi dos, jigar hai jiga, aur woh kabhi tootta nahi I don't have a heart in my ches, I have courag, and that never breaks Courage, Comedy 2. Lagda hai teri ragon mein khoon nah, rabri daud di hai rabri Looks like blood does not flow through your vein, instead sweets flow Food, Comedy 3. Mera kaam toh pyar se hota ha, hathyaar se nahi My work is done with lov, not with a weapon Drama 4. Duniya ke saare kamyaab chor suit boot hi pehente ha, Jonahi pehente woh pakde jaate hai All the successful thieves in this world wear a suit and shoe, those who don', get caught Crime, Clothes, Drama 5. Tum abhi bachchi h, badi ho jao jald, zindagi bitani hai tumhare saath You are still a ki, grow up quickl, because I want to spend my life with you Romance, Life, Comedy 6. Mari hui murgi ka bhav aaj kal zyada hai Nowadays the price of a dead chicken is more than a live one Animals, Comedy 7. Aaj tak maine ek hi insaan se pyar kara ha, khud s, par ab tum se bhi karoonga aur palang todh pyar karoonga Till today I've only loved one perso, mysel, but now I will love you also and that to beyond limits Romance, Comedy 8. Mechanic doctor hota ha, gaddion da doctor A mechanic is a docto, a doctor of cars Transportation, Comedy 9. Mere dhande mein do cheez ki zaroorat ha, himmat aur talent In my business you need two thing, courage and talent Business, Courage, Inspiration
Neetu Singh Besharam dialogues
1. Once a cho, always a chor Once a thie, always a thief Crime, Comedy
Javed Jaffrey Besharam dialogues
1. Jab do haathon se taali baj rahi h, toh beech mein mooh nahi gusedhte bachch, ungliyan chap sakti hai gaalon pe When someone is clapping with two hand, then you should not push your face in betwee, the impression of fingers will get drawn on your cheeks Comedy 2. Ek baar main sauda kar leta hoon toh paise vapas nahi leta Once I make a deal then I don't take the money back Business, Money
Anonymous Besharam dialogues
1. Galat kaam karne ka koi bhi tarika sahi kaise ho sakta hai, How can anyway of doing a wrong thing be right, Drama
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