Bawarchi movie dialogues with meaning

It is so simple to be happ, but it is so difficult to be simpleIt is so simple to be happ, but it is so difficult to be simpleActor: Rajesh Khanna   | Happiness, Inspiration

Kisi badi khushi ke intezaar mei, hum yeh chote chote khushiyoon ke mauke kho dete hainIn waiting for a big happy momen, we miss these small small happy momentsActor: Rajesh Khanna   | Happiness, Drama

Log zindagi ka sabse chot, sabse keemti labz bhool gaye hai, "pyar"People have forgotten the smallest and the most precious word of lif, "love"Actor: Rajesh Khanna   | Life, Drama, Romance

Iss duniya mein jab tak bhalai rupai aur paison se na tauli jay, woh bhalai nahin kehlatiIn this world until a good deed is not weighed against mone, that good deed is not called a good deedActor: Rajesh Khanna   | Money, Drama

Jisme insaan ki bhalai ho woh kaam kabhi bura nahin hotaA task which is good for the human can never be badActor: Rajesh Khanna   | Drama

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