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Shahrukh Khan Baazigar dialogues
1. Kabhie kabhie jeetne ke liye kuchh haarana bhi padata hai aur haar kar jitne wale ko baazigar kahte hain Sometimes you have to lose something in order to win and the one who wins after losing is called a Baazigar (Gambler) Popular, Win 2. Udne ki baat parinde karte hai? toote huye parr nahin The birds talks about flyin? not the broken wings Birds, Negative 3. Buraayi milne mein nahin ha? buraai chhup chhup kar milne mein hai Badness is not in meetin? fault is in meeting in a furtive manner Romance 4. Ab sailab aayega Madan Chopr? Sailaab Ayegaa! Now the flood will come Madan Chopr? Flood will come! Short 5. Kitaabe mehbooba se bahtar hoti hai? atleast intezar to nahin karvaati The books are better than a girlfriend atlest they do not keep you waiting Romance 6. Tumhari haalat ek uss apahij jaisi ho gai hai jise chalne ke liye baisakhi ki zarurat to hai lekin usey pakadne ke liye hath nahi Your situation have became like that cripple person who needs the crutches to be able to walk but doesn't have the arms to hold them Situation 7. Toone mujhe power of attorney nahin apni takdir ka wo panna de diya hai jis par mai jab chaahun teri barbaadi ka itihaas likh sakta hu You have not only handovered me the power of attorney but also that page of your destiny on which I can write the history of your deganeration whenever I wish to. Negative, Betrayal
Rakhee Gulzar Baazigar dialogues
1. Maa bete ka bhawishya chunti ha? duaaein chunti ha? uske jism ke tukade nahin Mother choose the future of his so? the prayer for his so? not the pieces of his body Mother, Action, Parents 2. Zindagi mein tu kabhi sukhi nahi ho sakta! Mere bachchon ki haay tera sukh chain sab kuchh chhin leg? tu tabaah ho jaayega. Ye ek maa ki bad-dua hai You would never be prosperous in life! The curse of my children will take your happiness and peace from yo? you will be finished this is the curse of a mother. Curse, Parents
Kajol Baazigar dialogues
1. Naam badalne se insan ka chehra aur uska jurm nahin badal jaata The face and crimes carried out by a person do not get changed by changing his name Crime
Dalip Tahil Baazigar dialogues
1. Daud zindagi ki ho ya motor-car ki maine kabhie haarana nahin sikha Whether it's a automobile race or the race of life I've never learnt to lose Win, Strong will, Automobile 2. Ab har chiz meri hai aur har chiz ka malik main hu Now everything is mine and I am the propriter of everything Action

Baazigar is a crime, thriller hindi movie with a bit of romance here and there, directed by Abbas Burmawalla and Mustan Burmawalla. Shahrukh Khan, debutant Shilpa Shetty, Kajol, Rakhee Gulzar, Siddharth Ray and Dalip Tahil in the lead roles. Shahrukh played a negative role in the film. The movie was released on 12th of November, 1993 and became the fourth highest Box Office grosser of 1993 and diverse filmfare awards in 4 categories.We have 24 movie quotes of Baazigar bollywood movie.