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Yashpal Sharma Arjun Pandit dialogues
1. Mumbai mein inka koi mandir nahi ha, lekin puja sabhi karte hain inki He does not have a temple in Mumba, but still everyone worships him Places
Sunny Deol Arjun Pandit dialogues
1. Aise kaam ke liye himmat ki zaroorat nahi hot, sirf iraada hona chahiye For this work you don't need courag, you only need an intention Courage, Inspiration, Drama
Saurabh Shukla Arjun Pandit dialogues
1. Jaise purana cricketer commentator banta hai n, waise purani gadi museum mein jati hai Just like an old cricketer becomes a commentato, just like that an old car goes in the museum Sports, Transportation, Comedy
Ashish Vidyarthi Arjun Pandit dialogues
1. Chehre par bholapan hai aur aankhon mein pagalpa, aise log bahut khatarnak hote hai, bahut khatarnak People who have simplicity on their face and madness in their eye, are very dangerou, very dangerous Drama 2. Hathyar becha jata ha, koi apni taqat nahi bechta One sells a weapo, no one sells his strength Action 3. Haldi bahut hi kaam ki cheez hoti hai bet, doodh mein milakar pee ja, toh shareer ka poora dard khatam ho jata ha, aur chune mein milakar zakhm pe laga, ghav bhar jata hai Son turmeric is a very useful thin, if you mix it in milk and drin, then all the body pain goes awa, if you mix it with lime and apply on a woun, then the injury gets better Food 4. Bina patte ke is shehar mein sirf keede makaude milte hai, aadmi nahin Without an address in this city you will only get bugs and spider, not humans Places, Animals, Comedy
Anonymous Arjun Pandit dialogues
1. Humara bhala karke woh hum mein bata gaye hai, ki waqt aane par woh humara kitna bura kar sakte hai By doing good for us they are telling u, that when the time comes how much bad they can do to us Drama, Time

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