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Vinod Khanna Amar Akbar Anthony dialogues
1. Hindu Muslim Sikh Isa, sabhi toh hai bhai bhai Hindu Muslim Sikh Christia, all are brothers Religious, Inspiration
Amitabh Bachchan Amar Akbar Anthony dialogues
1. Apun bahut famous aadm, bada bada paper mein apun ka chota chota photo chapta hai I am a very famous perso, big newspapers do publish a small picture of mine Comedy 2. Aaisa toh aadmi life mein do-heech time bhaagta ha, Olympic ka race ho yah police ka case h, tum kahe mein bhaagta hai bhai, A man runs like this only for two reasons in his lif, either in a race in Olympics or if it is a police cas, what are you running for brother, Comedy, Sports, Police

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