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Shraddha Kapoor Aashiqui 2 dialogues
1. Dil ko zubaa, aankhon ko sapne mil gay, aashiqui mei, zindagi ko mainne mil gaye The heart got a languag, the eyes got dream, in lov, life got its meaning Poetic, Romance, Life 2. Tumhare ishq se bani hoon mai, pehle zinda th, ab jee rahi hoon main I am made from your lov, first I was aliv, now I am living Poetic, Romance 3. Mere bure waqt mein tum the mere saat, ab agar achche waqt mein tum nah, toh yeh waqt bhi mujhe nahi chahiye Your were with me in my bad time, and now if you aren't there in my good time, then I don't want this time also Time, Drama
Mahesh Thakur Aashiqui 2 dialogues
1. Bimaar ke saath koi bimaar nahi ho jaata One does not get sick with the sick Drama 2. Star toh wohi ban sakta ha, jiski aawaz sunka, jiske geet sunka, dil kahe seeti maar Only he can become a sta, who voice when you hea, whose song when you hea, your heart says to whistle Comedy
Anonymous Aashiqui 2 dialogues
1. Aksar chirag wohi bhujate ha, Jopehle usse roshan karte hai Usually those people turn off the lamp, who start it in the first place Drama
Aditya Roy Kapur Aashiqui 2 dialogues
1. Yeh zindagi chal toh rahi th, par tere aane se maine jeena shuru kiya This life was going o, but I started living since you came Life, Romance 2. Pya, mohabba, aashiqui sirf lafzon ke sivah aur kuch nah, par jab woh mil, in lafzon ko mainne mil gaye Lov, romanc, passion are nothing else but word, but when I met he, these words got the value Romance 3. Main marne ke liye nahi peet, peene ke liye marta hoon I don't drink to di, I die to drink Food, Comedy 4. Main aaine mein apna chehra bhool sakta hoo, tumhara kabhi nahi I forget my face in the mirro, but I can't forget yours Romance 5. Yeh aadat ab nahi jaane waali ha, yeh toh woh biwi hai Josaath rehkar satayegi aur talaq bhi nahi degi This habit will not go away no, she is like a wife who will stay together and troubl, and also won't give a divorce Married, Comedy 6. Shaura, naa, kamyab, pais, izzat ussi ko milni chahiye jise uski kadar h, roti ussi ko milni chahiye jise uski bhook ho One should get wealt, nam, succes, mone, respect only if they care for i, and one should get food only if they are hungry for it Money, Food 7. Duniya ke sabse behtareen aur mashoor kalakar woh log hote hai jinki apni ek ada hoti ha, woh ada Jokisi ki nakal karne se nahi aat, woh ada Jounke saath janam leti hai The best and famous performers of this world are those people who have their own styl, the style that doesn't come by imitating other, the style that is born with them Inspiration 8. Jinhe kuch nahi chahiye hota hai n, woh apna kaam bahut zimmedari se karte hai Those who don't want anythin, they do their work with a lot of responsibility Job, Drama 9. Apni kamyabi ko itna chota mat samjh, sirf naseeb waalo ko naseeb hoti hai yeh Don't consider your success smal, only people with good luck get it Win, Strong will, Success, Destiny, Luck, Inspiration
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