Yaarana movie dialogues with meaning

Amitabh Bachchan Yaarana dialogues
1. Mister ka murder ho gay, murder ka mister ho gay, dono milake murder mystery ho gaya The mister was murdere, the murder became miste, together it became murder mystery Comedy 2. Main tera dost hoo, tu haddi main gosht hoo, tera mera saath ha, maut ki baat ha, dushman ki gardan mere haath ha, yeh uski khopd, yeh meri laat hai I am your frien, you are the bone I am the mea, you and me are togethe, the topic is deat, the enemies neck is in my han, this is his skul, this is my kick Friendship, Poem, Comedy 3. Dosti Johai n, bahut pavitra ha, isko dosti hi rehne d, iske upar pe, pais, roti iski parchai na padne de Friendship is very hol, let it be friendship onl, don't allow the shadow of stomac, mone, food to fall on it Friendship, Money, Food 4. Tere liye toh maine nark ke darwaze bhi bandh kar diye kamine Blood, for you I have even closed the doors of hell Drama

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