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Shatrughan Sinha Naseeb Old dialogues
1. Apne desh mein ladkiyan kapde utaarkar nah, balki pehenkar khoobsurat lagti hai In our country girls don't look beautiful by removing clothe, instead they look beautiful by wearing clothes Clothes, Women 2. Jiske sar pe tujh jaise dost ki dosti ka saaya h, uske liye bankar aayi mau, uske dushmano ki maut ban jaati hai Whoever has the shadow of friendship on their head from a friend like yo, for him even the death that come, becomes the death of his enemies Friendship, Death, Enemy 3. Zindagi insaan ko laati ha, maut le jaati ha, yeh sharaab beech mein kahan aati hai Life brings a huma, death takes him awa, where does this alcohol come in between Poetic, Life, Death
Pran Naseeb Old dialogues
1. Kapde badalne se aadmi ki asliyat nahi badal jaati The reality of a man does not change by changing clothes Clothes, Drama 2. Hum apne dhande mein jis kisike saath taluk rakhte ha, uski agl, pichl, sari zindagi ka hisaab kitaab apni kitaab mein rakh lete hai In our business whoever we connect wit, I keep an account of their pas, future and their entire life in my books Business, Life, Drama
Hema Malini Naseeb Old dialogues
1. Aap ek achche aadmi ha, aur ek achche aadmi ke haath mein sharaab ki bottal achchi nahi lagti You are a good ma, and an alcohol bottle does not look good in the hands of a good man Food, Comedy
Amitabh Bachchan Naseeb Old dialogues
1. Waqt se pehle aur naseeb ke baad koi cheez agar tere pass dene ko h, toh mujhe de dena If you have anything to give before time and after fat, then do give that to me Time, Destiny, Luck, Drama

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