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Randeep Hooda Heroine dialogues
1. Tum heroineno ko jab pyar mile toh career chahiy, jab career mile toh pyar chahiye You heroines want a career when you get lov, and want love when you get a career Job
Helen Heroine dialogues
1. Shohrat jitna deti ha, usse kahin zyada humse cheen leti hai Whatever wealth gives u, it snatches much more from us Money, Drama
Divya Dutta Heroine dialogues
1. Yeh film industry ha, yahan yah toh manipulate kar l, yah ho jao This is film industr, here either you manipulat, or get manipulated Drama 2. Confidence ke saath bolo n, toh film industry jhooth ko bhi sach maan leti hai If you say with confidenc, then the film industry will even believe a lie to be the truth Cheating, Truth, Social

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