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Saurabh Shukla Aarakshan dialogues
1. Education se bada koi business nahin ha, paid service without guarantee There is no business bigger than educatio, paid service without guarantee Education, Business
Saif Ali Khan Aarakshan dialogues
1. Intelligence aur performanc, background ka mohtaj nahi hota Intelligence and performanc, is not dependent on ones background Education, Drama
Manoj Bajpai Aarakshan dialogues
1. Yeh shining India ha, yahan oonchi shiksha ke liye oonche log koi bhi oonchi keemat dene ko tayaar hai This is shining Indi, here rich people are ready to pay a high price for higher education Education, Money 2. Aap the zer, hai zer, aur aap hamesha rahenge zero You were a zer, are a zer, and you'll always remain a zero Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Aarakshan dialogues
1. Is desh mei, do Bharat baste hain In this countr, there are two India's Patriotism

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