The Summer Party Anthem / Fan Lyrics | Translation

This is a punjabi-english rap song from latest music album Summer Party Anthem. Composed and written by Badshah. Sung by Rahul Vaidya who has participated in Indian singing reality tv shows such as Indian Idol and Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and won one of them. So far Rahul Vaidya's many albums have been released. RRahul has also sung Be Intehaan (Unplugged) song. The rap is performed by Badshah.

[Aire gaire mundya nu tu muh na laondi ae
Udti firti ae gaddi lambo chalaundi ae   ] x 2
Gucci teri black ni vakhra aye swag ni
Mainu tu lagdi badi kamni
[ Main ho gaya tera fan nee   ] x 4
[ Mai ho gaya tera fan girl ] x 2
Oh let me be your man girl
Main ho gaya tera fan girrrl
You don't pay attention towards stranger boys
You roam around driving Lamborghini car
Your Gucci is black and your swag is different
You are worthy in my eyes
I have became your fan girl
O girl, let me be your man

Tum se nayi koyi uppar aaj ki taariq mein
Pad jaaye kam alfaaz aap ki tareef mein
Ab yeh naachiz kya bataaye tum kya cheez ho
Yeh shaayad khud tumko nahin pata ke tum kya piece ho
O ladkiyaan kardee rees teri har cheez ki
Tera make up kapade sandal bag
Sar se paaon tak tu swag
Nakhare tere chhattis umar unnees ki
Mundiyan de naal tu very rude
Aag laga de tera attitude
Dunia chaahe kuchh bhi bole main tera fan hoon
Tera cooler hu tera A/C hu
Tu Eminem main Stan hun
Saath khincha le mere photograph
De de dil pe autograph
Galti walti kar daalun to baby mujh ko kar diyo maaf
Nobody is above you on today's date
Even the words are inadequate in your praise
You don't know how important are you
Other girls compete against you
Your makeup, clothes, sandal, bag
Everything is swag
You have 36 coquerty behaviours, your age is 19
You are very rude towards boys
You have a blazing attitude
Whatever the world takl about you but I am your fan
your cooler, your A/C
You are Eminem and I am your Stan
Take a photograph alongwith me
Give your autograph on my heart
Forgive me baby, if I made any mistake

[Jo vi tu paundi aye o fashion ho jaundye
Tenu takk baaki kudiyaa nu depression ho jaandye] x 2
Full attitude ni kahnde tu rude nee
But baby you don't give a damn nee
Anything you wear becomes a fashion
Other girls get depressed when they see you
You are full of attitude, It is said that you are rude
But you don't care about them

Mai ho gaya tera fan ni
[ Main ho gaya tera fan ni   ] x 4
[ Mai ho gaya tera fan girl ] x 2
Oh let me be your man girl
Main ho gaya tera fan girrl

Movie: The Summer Party Anthem (2014)
Composer: Badshaah
Singers: Rahul Vaidya and Badshaah
Lyricist: Badshaah
Duration: 3 min 06 sec
Genre: Party
Label: Tips Music

The Summer Party Anthem Fan Video Song

Video Synopsis :

The video begins with Rahul Vaidya and features Badshah. Rahul is seen singing while models dance around him with shots of disco. The video is directed by Sai Smith. Released under Tips Music label on their youtube channel. The video got over 4 lakhs pageviews withiin 1 week of its release.

Meanings :

Gaddi- automobile, , Mundiya- boy, , Vakhra- different, unique, , Tareek- date, , Alfaz- word, , Taarif- praise, , Nakhre- coquelty behaviour, , Paundi- wear, , Kudiyan- girls,