Ek Charraiya / Chirraiya Lyrics | Translation

After the success of Aashiqui 2, the duo has come together once again for city lights. Jeet Ganguli has composed the music of the song as well as sung this beautiful song with Arijit Singh. The duo has sung 2 more songs together in the film. This is an inspirational song telling the story by taking a bird as an example, very beautifully written.

Ik chirraiya ghonsle ko
Chhod udd udd jaaye
Aur ye soche kash aisa
Ho kadam mud jaaye     ] X 2
A bird leaves the nest
And flies away
And thinks that may
The foot will turn back (The bird tries to leave its home but at the same time wishes to return its home)

Tinka tinka kar batora
Aur banaya ghar
Par samay ki baarishon ne
Kar diya begharrr  X 3
Collected straw by straw
And constructed home
But the rain of time
has made us homeless

O musafir dheer dhar
Aayega suraj idhar
Kaahe bhaage.. Kahe bhage..
Door jitna jaayega
Laut phir na paayega
Kahe bhage.. kaahe bhaage..
O traveller be patient
The sun will come here
Why are you running
If you will go too far
It will become more and more hard to return

Ek charraiya ko paraya des kaise bhaaye
Gaaon ka peepal puraana yaad usko aaye
Tinka tinka kar batora or banaya ghar
Par samaya ki baarishon ne kar diya beghar
Kar dia beghar kar diya beghar
How a bird will relish a foreign land
The old peepal tree in the village comes to his mind

Yeh jo ansuan ki ladi
Bah rahi hai har ghadi
Tere aage.. tere aage
Yaad rakh har mod par
Ek nayi subah khadi
Kahe bhage ae.. kahe bhaage..
This string of tears
Is flowing every hour
In front of you
Remember on every turn
A new morning is standing
Why are you fleeing

Ik chiraiya aansuon se
Lad jhagad so jaaye
Raah pathreeli hai lekin
Haunsla na jaaye
Tinka tinka kar batora
Aur banaaya ghar
Par samaya ki barishon ne
Kar diya be-ghar   X 3A sparrow sleeps after
Fighting with its own tears
The path is lapideous but
Don't give up your courage

Movie: Citylights (2014)
Composer: Jeet Ganguli and Arijit Singh
Singers: Jeet Ganguly and Neeti Mohan
Duration: 4 min 23 sec
Genre: Inspirational
Label: Sony Music

Meanings :

Chirraiya- bird / sparrow, , Ghonsla- nest, , Tinka- straw, , Samay- time, , Beghar- homeless, , Musafir- traveller, , Dheer- patience, , Gaaon- village, , Aansu- tears,