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Prakash Raj Singham dialogues
1. Aata maajhi satakli re! My mind gone mad! Rowdyism 2. Aali re aal, aata tujhi baari aali It's here it's her, now your turn is here Rowdyism 3. Minister log mere peeche aur police log mere jeb mein rehte hain Ministers are behind me and police is in my pocket Politics, Police 4. Mere saath kuch bhi karnek, mera ego hurt nahi karneka Do anything with m, but don't hurt my ego Rowdyism 5. Aali re aal, maajhi baari aali It's here it's her, my turn is here Action 6. Ab tu marne se pehle hazaar baar marega No, before you die you will die a 1000 times Action, Death 7. Music system bajta ha, aur mera system bajata hai The music system play, and my system bangs Music, Comedy 8. Tere khaki ki kasa, khaak mein mila doonga tereko I swear on your police unifor, I will mix you in ash Action, Police 9. Saale in logon ko diesel phukat mein milta hai ky, poore department ki gaadiyaan mere peeche pari hai Bloody do these people get diesel for free or wha, all the cars of the department are running behind me Police, Comedy 10. Maar do phek d, biryani banake khalo Kill him throw hi, turn him into biryani and eat him Food
Anonymous Singham dialogues
1. Cockroach marne ke vaaste Baygon nahin mila to, Paragon bhi chalta hai To kill a cockroach if you don't get Baygo, then Paragon is also ok Animals 2. Tu duty kar r, ungli mut kar! You do your duty ma, don't poke around! Job, Comedy
Ajay Devgan Singham dialogues
1. Jisme hai du, to fakht Bajirao Singham One who has courag, that is only Bajirao Singham Courage 2. Kuttoon ka jhund kitna bhi bada h, uske liye ek sher hi kaafi hota hai No matter how big the group of dogs i, for them one tiger is more than enough Animals, Action 3. Police waalon ki na dosti achchi na dushman, tune toh dono hi kar li Friendship and enmity with police both are not goo, you have done both Police, Friendship, Enemy
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