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Sonakshi Sinha Lootera dialogues
1. Bhook ke kaaran dimaag bhi chutti par gaya hua hai My mind is not here because of my hunger Comedy
Ranveer Singh Lootera dialogues
1. Meri zindagi mein sab ne mera istamaal kiy, pyar sirf tumne kiya In my life everyone has used m, only you've loved me Life, Romance
Anonymous Lootera dialogues
1. Banne chale rangre, pakde gaye angrez He tried to be a colorful ma, but the foreigner got caught Comedy 2. Tum Jokhayali pulav pakka rahe ho n, main bas us mein thoda sa dum bhar raha hoon Whatever you are cooking in your min, I am just adding some steam to it Comedy 3. Aap log angrezon se azaad ho gaye ha, aur hum azaadi se barbaad ho gaye You people got independence from the Englishme, and we were destroyed from the independence Drama

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