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Paoli Dam Hate Story dialogues
1. Main woh har kaam karti hoon Jomana hai I do all the things that are prohibited Drama 2. Jab aurat apni izzat bechne par aa jati ha, toh phir woh kisi bhi aadmi ko khareed sakti hai When a woman comes down to selling her respec, then she can buy any man Women, Men, Drama 3. Shehar badalne se mera shareer toh nahin badlega By changing the city my body won't change Places, Drama 4. Mare hue log kabr se nahin dara karte Dead people are not scared of graves Horror, Drama
Nikhil Dwivedi Hate Story dialogues
1. Jab kisi se badla lene ki thaan l, toh ek nahi do kabr khod leni chahiye When one decides to take revenge from someon, then you should dig not one but two graves Revenge, Drama
Mohan Kapoor Hate Story dialogues
1. Politics ka business aur business ki politic, dono ajeeb hai The business of politics and the politics of busines, are both strange Politics, Business
Anonymous Hate Story dialogues
1. Kisi ki zindagi tabaah karni h, toh unhe zinda rakhna zaroori hai When you need to destroy someones lif, then it is important to keep them alive Life, Drama

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