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Pankaj Kapur Halla Bol dialogues
1. Apne badan pe chot lage toh saala janwar bhi rota ha, insaan woh hai Jodoosre ki chot ko mehsoos kar sake Even an animal cries when he has a wound on his bod, but a human is someone who can feel the wound of someone else Drama, Animals 2. Shaant shaan, is desh mein toh Gautam aur Gandhi ka naam ha, yahan khroad aur hinsa ka kya kaam hai Calm dow, in this country we have names like Gautam and Gandh, so what is need for anger and violence here Drama, Poetic
Anonymous Halla Bol dialogues
1. Woh dekho desh ka net, arre mooh se khaat, kaan se khaat, iska yahan bhi khaat, iska wahan bhi khaata Look at the politician of the countr, he eats from the mout, he eats from the ea, he has an account her, he has an account there Politics, Comedy 2. Commission mein kam se kam 100 crore kamayeng, aur netagiri ki parampara nibhayenge We will earn at least 100 crores in commissio, and we will fulfill the tradition of politics Politics, Poetic, Money
Ajay Devgan Halla Bol dialogues
1. Hassi mazak mein jhoot bolna aur baat ha, lekin main zindagi mein jhoot bolkar kuch bhi haasil nahi karna chahta To lie in fun is one thin, but I don't want to achieve anything by lying in life Cheating, Life, Drama 2. Ab Rasul aayenge duniya mein na Ram aayeng, sirf insaan hi insaan ke kaam aayenge Now neither Rasul nor Ram will come in this worl, only a person can be of help to another person Inspiration, Religious

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