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Arjun Rampal Ek Ajnabee dialogues
1. Har goli ki bhi ek taqdee, ek kismat hoti ha, jab usse uski manzil mil jay, khud ba khud chal jayegi Even every bullet has its own fat, its own destin, and when it finds its targe, then it fires by itself Action, Destiny, Luck
Amitabh Bachchan Ek Ajnabee dialogues
1. Jeetne waale woh cheez karte ha, Johaarne waale nahi karte Winners do thing, that losers don't do Inspiration, Win, Strong will, Success 2. Har insaan ki taqdeer ek jaisi nahi hoti Everyone doesn't have the same destiny Destiny, Luck 3. Burre insaan ko sazaa dena uparwaale ka kaam hai leki, uparwaale se mulaqat karana mera kaam hai It is the duty of God to punish bad guy, but it is my duty to send them to God Religious, Action

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