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Randeep Hooda D Underworld Badhshah dialogues
1. Dhande mein dost dushman hota hai In business a friend is an enemy Business, Friendship, Enemy 2. Is line mein experience nah, daring ka zaroorat hai In this line you don't need experienc, you need daring Courage 3. Agar mere upar ek bhi goli chal, toh teri khopdi mein itni goliyan hong, ki bheje ke liye jagah nahi bachegi If even a single bullet is fired on m, then there will be so many bullets in your hea, that there will be no space for the brain Action 4. Main dhande ke liye marne ko tayaar ha, par tu sirf mujhe maarne ke liy, marne ko tayaar hai, I am ready to die for the busines, but just to kill m, are you ready to die, Action, Business 5. Saath mein kaam kareg, yah marega, You want to work togethe, or die, Action 6. Koi kaam chota nahi hot, kaam karne waale chote hote hai No work is smal, the people who do the work are small Business, Drama 7. Har cheez ka first time hota hai Everything has a first time Drama
Jeeva D Underworld Badhshah dialogues
1. Zindagi mein aapsi dushmani se zyad, apne apne fayde ka khayal rakhna chahiye In life more than personal animosit, you should care about your own profit Enemy, Life

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